PeerLens: Peer-inspired Interactive Learning Path Planning in Online Question Pool

Published in CHI 2019, 2019

Meng Xia, Mingfei Sun, Huan Wei, Qing Chen, Yong Wang, Lei Shi, Huamin Qu, Xiaojuan Ma

Abstract: Online question pools like LeetCode provide hands-on exercises of skills and knowledge. However, due to the large volume of questions and the intent of hiding the tested knowledge behind them, many users find it hard to decide where to start or how to proceed based on their goals and performance. To overcome these limitations, we present PeerLens, an interactive visual analysis system that enables peer-inspired learning path planning. PeerLens can recommend a customized, adaptable sequence of practice questions to individual learners, based on the exercise history of other users in a similar learning scenario. We propose a new way to model the learning path by submission types and a novel visual design to facilitate the understanding and planning of the learning path. We conducted a within-subject experiment to assess the efficacy and usefulness of PeerLens in comparison with two baseline systems. Experiment results show that users are more confident in arranging their learning path via PeerLens and find it more informative and intuitive.