CrowdPatrol: A Mobile Crowdsensing Framework for Traffic Violation Hotspot Patrolling

Published in IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 2021, 2021

Zhihan Jiang, Hang Zhu, Binbin Zhou, Chenhui Lu, Mingfei Sun, Xiaojuan Ma, Xiaoliang Fan, Cheng Wang, Longbiao Chen

Abstract: Traffic violations have become one of the major threats to urban transportation systems, undermining human safety and causing economic losses. To alleviate this problem, crowd-based patrol forces including traffic police and voluntary participants have been employed in many cities. To adaptively optimize patrol routes with limited manpower, it is essential to be aware of traffic violation hotspots. Traditionally, traffic violation hotspots are directly inferred from experiences, and existing patrol routes are usually fixed. In this paper, we propose a mobile crowdsensing-based framework to dynamically infer traffic violation hotspots and adaptively schedule crowd patrol routes. Specifically, we first extract traffic violation-prone locations from heterogeneous crowd-sensed data and propose a spatiotemporal context-aware self-adaptive learning model (CSTA) to infer traffic violation hotspots. Then, we propose a tensor-based integer linear problem modeling method (TILP) to adaptively find optimal patrol routes under human labor constraints. Experiments on real-world data from two Chinese cities (Xiamen and Chengdu) show that our approach accurately infers traffic violation hotspots with F1-scores above 90% in both cities, and generates patrol routes with relative coverage ratios above 85%, significantly outperforming baseline methods.